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Ruthless Psychiatric Lies (Song)

Step into the powerful narrative of resistance and revelation in this provocative song. The lyrics weave a poignant tale of the struggles faced by society under the weight of ruthless capitalism and the deceptive practices of psychiatry. With a strong emphasis on the themes of exploitation, manipulation, and the fight for freedom, this song is a rallying cry for awareness and change. It exposes the harsh realities of a system rigged against the many, where the rich thrive at the cost of the many. Through evocative imagery and a relentless call to action, this song is not just a musical piece, but a movement, urging listeners to break free from the chains of oppression and reclaim their power. Accompanying these lyrics a stirring song audio video, making it a must-listen and must-watch for anyone yearning for truth and justice in today’s world.

(Verse 1)
Yo! Walk with my mind; I’ll paint a grim picture,
Ruthless capitalism got the Earth in a stricture.
Evil psychiatrists, they be messin’ with society,
Manipulating minds, causing infinite calamity.

If you’ve seen what I’ve, you’d cry,
Witnessed exploitation, could make your soul die.
In tha twisted system, where the rich mostly thrive,
Many many suffer, barely tryin’ to survive.

Corruption runs deep, like roots in the concrete,
Money and power, many rich cause deceit.
They profit from the pain; many struggle
Rise against oppression, hmmm muggles

If you know what I know, you’d cry,
The truth hidden behind psychiatric lies.
They control the masses, messing with the minds,
Break the chains, leave ’em all behind.

(Verse 2)
Yo! Know the game is rigged, so let’s expose the plot,
Evil psychiatrists making brains rot.
They diagnose for profit, forced druggings to control,
Rise above the badness, taking back our souls.

If you’ve seen what I’ve seen, you’d cry,
The suffering they inflict, it’s a psychiatric lie.
They label some insane, just to drug the pain in vain,
Reclaim the freedom, break away the chains.

Coercive psychiatry is a deadly disease.
Exploiting weak let the psychiatrists wheeze.
Fight for justice, in the face of adversity,
Unite the oppressed, will be the victors in history.

Exposing propaganda, and shining light on dark.
End the moral corruption, just ignite a spark.
No longer silent, breaking through the facade,
Dismantle that system, restoring what’s been robbed.

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