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A Plan to Outlaw Psychiatric Coercion and Nonconsensual Psychiatry

Here is a plan to outlaw psychiatric coercion and nonconsensual psychiatry in USA. If you find yourself being threatened with a psychiatric hold or civil commitment, demand a lawyer if you are entitled to one. Genuinely and authentically do not be a threat to your own safety or the safety of anyone else. Read the book Psychiatric Slavery by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, ask your lawyer to read the book too. If you do not mind being a Nelson Mandela of psychiatry, refuse to ingest any drug (unless YOU FULLY CONSENT to ingesting such drugs and desire to ingest them). The book Psychiatric Slavery explains why it is your right in USA to not ingest psychiatric drugs if you are authentically peaceful and do not want to ingest such drugs; the book examines a USA Supreme Court Case. Challenge your civil commitment and/or psychiatric hold in legal courts, while attempting to fully utilize your lawyer (if you have one).

Ideally you will not be threatened by psychiatric coercion at all. Do your best to avoid the threat of civil commitment and/or psychiatric holds. This plan should only be implemented if you have no choice except to either ingest potentially life threatening drugs, or be confined for an indeterminate amount of time. This may not be an easy path. You should carefully consider YOUR options and ultimately decide for yourself if you want to be a Nelson Mandela of psychiatry. Do not break laws. Do not harm or threaten anyone. Suicide should be respected as a civil and human right for all adults when it is done in private. We should utilize reason, persuasion, and kindness to reduce suicides, not coercion, force, and confinement.

This plan should only be implemented if you have no choices except being attacked by coercive psychiatry, or fighting for your rights in the legal system with a lawyer’s help. Dr. Thomas Szasz wrote about 35 books; if you choose this path, you may want to read at least several of his books. Psychiatric human rights abuses must be outlawed. Only consensual psychiatry should be legal. How to confront coercive psychiatry ultimately must be a personal decision. According to psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, clear thinking requires courage.