No Adult Should Be Forced to Live on Earth

No adult who does not want to keep living on Earth should be forced to keep living on Earth. Of course, any other adult who wants to peacefully, non-forcefully and non-coercively attempt to persuade such an individual that to keep living on Earth is a worthwhile and good thing to do, should do so. Hopefully no humans on Earth will want to end their own life or lives because of experiencing feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness, meaningless, or any form of emotional distress.

It seems that if living on Earth can be an emotionally fulfilling and pleasant experience for more humans, then attempting to leave Earth before one’s own body is no longer naturally able to live will happen less frequently. No adult should be forced to live on Earth. The idea that dying is bad and undesirable has involved implicit beliefs about any potentially afterlife.

Creating intentional organic non-functionality or creating intentional body non-functionality are perhaps both other term to utilize instead of the short, potentially terse and stigmatized word suicide. Hopefully no individuals will attempt to create intentional body non-functionality except for in cases of pure curiosity, but that should likely even be discouraged, it seems.

Suicide is unfortunate, but potentially part of human nature, it seems. Suicide should be seen as a moral and ethical issue, rather than just as a medical issue. No adult should be forced to live on Earth. It will be good if all adults want to live on Earth, but no adult should be physically forced to do so. Hopefully humans will stop engaging in behaviors that result in death. Hopefully suicides will be reduced to zero each year. It seems that force and coercion will ultimately never stop all suicides. It seems that persuasion and kindness are really the only sustainable ways to significantly reduce the amount of suicides that occur on Earth, over time.

Mental illness is not literally real. Just like a sick joke is not literally sick, minds cannot literally be sick. Both minds and jokes are intangible, unlike physical bodies, which are physical things that can literally be sick or ill. Since the advent of the idea of mental illness, it seems that it was Thomas Szasz who first succinctly pronounced this idea. Psychiatric slavery should be outlawed and banned, it seems. Psychiatric slavery includes the insanity defense, civil commitment and psychiatric holds. More individuals should read the books that psychiatrist Thomas Szasz wrote. No adult human should be forced to live on Earth.