Female patient in strait jacket, mental hospital

Psychiatric Slavery Should Be Abolished Quickly

Psychiatric slavery includes the insanity defense and civil commitment. Civil commitment is when someone is trapped inside a psychiatric unit if they are deemed to be a danger to their own self or others. The insanity defense is a mechanism whereby someone who has committed a crime is excused from the criminal justice system and diverted to the psychiatric system.

Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz has pioneered the development of ideas as to why psychiatric slavery should be abolished. One could simply read some or all of his books with an open mind to fully comprehend why psychiatric slavery should be abolished. His reasons take some logic to grasp. However, they are fairly sound, it seems. More individuals on this Earth should read books by Dr. Thomas Szasz.

More individuals should work to abolish the insanity defense and civil commitment. Individuals can start by spreading the word as to why psychiatric slavery should be abolished. It may be useful if individuals contact their legislators and tell them to work towards abolishing psychiatric slavery. Once the majority of individuals want to abolish the unjust laws which allow for the insanity defense and civil commitment, then the laws will likely change.

Some countries abolished chattel slavery sooner than others. The abolishing of psychiatric slavery will likely happen in a similar fashion. There are places on Earth where chattel slavery still exists. Chattel slavery is wrong now, just as it was wrong before the majority of laws on Earth had changed outlawing it. Even though psychiatric slavery is legal in most locations on Earth, it does not mean that it is right or just.

More individuals should take peaceful actions towards opposing the oppressive exercises of power related to psychiatric injustices. There is no point in reinventing the wheel. It is not hard to find somewhere that sells books written by the late psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. His writing style has fascinating logic interspersed with humor and wit. Psychiatric slavery should be abolished as soon as possible.