Coercive Psychiatry

Support a Separation of Psychiatry and State

Much of psychiatry is rather oppressive and morally deficient. Because pseudo medical psychiatry is protected by HIPPA privacy laws. When psychiatric coercion happens, it often happens hidden by psychiatric confinement. This reduces the chance for evidence of actual wrong doing by psychiatrists to be exposed for what it really is – psychiatric human rights abuses (psychiatric coercion, force, and confinement). Psychiatrists that earn money from psychiatric coercion are mendacious about what they do and arrogant. Voluntary consensual psychiatry should remain legal. Psychiatric coercion should be outlawed. Support a separation of psychiatry and state, just like we have a separation of church and state. Psychiatric implicitly deals with theological/religious implications (suicide and afterlife, or lack there of), and supposedly secular governments should not be inflicting state sanctioned psychiatric coercion on citizens. Coercive psychiatry corrupts authentic objective medicine and the law both. Read the book The Theology of Medicine by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz perhaps.Coercive Psychiatry