Coercive Psychiatry and Christianity

Many Christians have contradictory goals with respect to religion and psychiatry in modern society. Many or most Christians ostensibly want to maintain Judeo Christian political and cultural supremacy in a supposedly secular culture, and also allow quasi secular psychiatry to enforce Judeo Christian suicide prohibitions through psychiatric coercion (psychiatric slavery and effectively torture) . In his book The Myth of Psychotherapy, Thomas Szasz notes that psychiatry is effectively a fake religion which is hostile to and destructive towards real religion. There are multiple articles of faith in psychiatry, which psychiatry pretends are objective and scientific. Psychiatry is scientistic, not scientific.

Secular ethics can be utilized to morally justify why harming others should be and remain illegal. Honest secular ethics, in Truth, cannot be utilized to morally justify depriving adults of bodily autonomy and enforcing suicide prohibitions utilizing psychiatric coercion, force, and confinement (pseudo medical slavery and pseudo medical torture). We have a separation of church and state; we should also have a separation of psychiatry and state.

Consensual voluntary psychiatry should remain legal. Coercive psychiatry has unintended consequences. Psychiatrist Peter Breggin has written and published articles like, “More Psychiatry Means More Shootings”. Coercive psychiatry is incompatible with a peaceful secular society. Christian theocracy ruled nations for hundreds of years. Various theocracies exist on Earth today. Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz wrote of a “pharmocracy” (the rule of medicine and/or doctors) and “The Therapeutic State” (which is sort of like a “police state” except instead of police, it is doctors and medical professionals that have too much power).

It will be good if we can reduce suicides to zero using persuasion, reason, and kindness. Psychiatric coercion should be outlawed. Consensual voluntary psychiatry should remain legal for adults. According to Dr. Szasz, civil commitment and the insanity defense form the foundations of psychiatric slavery, and psychiatric slavery should be outlawed.