Their opinions are not your problem

Psychiatry Is Mostly Based Upon Opinion

Psychiatric slavery should be abolished. Psychiatric slavery includes the insanity defense and civil commitment. Read books by Thomas Szasz. Human rights are important. The psychiatric industry has a long history of human rights abuses. Psychiatry is not really medicine. Real doctors treat real diseases. Psychiatrists invent and supposedly treat fake diseases. Through the insanity defense and civil commitment, psychiatrists use pseudo-medicine and pseudo-science to rob those innocent and guilty alike of personal responsibility and moral agency.

Psychiatrists treat metaphorical diseases that are not literally real. Mental health is a ridiculous term. The mind cannot be literally sick. The DSM speaks of mental disorders. They are popularly referred to as mental diseases or mental illness. Mental refers to the mind. The mind is not something that can literally be diseased, any more than a joke can literally be sick. If the DSM is actually referring to brain disorders, then they would be real diseases.

Psychiatrists seems to be the supposed medical profession with perhaps the worst track record with regards to proper and decent ethics. The profession seems to supports imprisoning innocent individuals. That is not ethical at all. Psychiatrists rob liberty from innocents through civil commitment. Psychiatrists, through their arrogant legal testimony sometimes stop guilty law-breakers from facing just consequences.

However, unlike real diseases there is no objective test to see if the so called mental disorders are actually diseases of the brain. Hence, psychiatry is not medicine, it is pseudo-science that is used to justify imprisoning innocents (civil commitment) and excusing those guilty of committing crimes (the insanity defense).

Mental health is a problematic concept. Talking about problems in living and emotional distress in terms of mental health can and does create multiple problems. Suicide should be a right. Locked hospital psychiatric wards should not exist. They function like prisons. It is not right to forcefully stop someone from stopping their own body from functioning. There are so many reasons why psychiatric slavery should be abolished. Mental health does not literally exist.