Psychiatry Endangers Personal Responsibility

Psychiatry currently endangers the idea of personal responsibility. Psychiatry’s current war against personal responsibility can be ended by eliminating the insanity defense and civil commitment. Psychiatry is full of hypocrisy and lies. Read books by Dr. Thomas Szasz. Donate to CCHR, please. All medical students thinking about pursuing psychiatry should read The Myth of Mental Illness by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. He wrote about 35 books in all. He passed away in 2012. Cancer is a medical issue. Suicide is a moral and ethical issue. Cancer is caused by biological pathology.

Suicide is caused by a moral agent’s reasoning. Suicide is a decision, cancer is almost never a decision. Involuntary psychiatry should be abolished. It is a human rights abuse. No one should forced or coerced into not doing the act of suicide. Psychiatry is not a hard science. There is no objective medical test for schizophrenia. It cannot be diagnosed from bodily/chemical examination before or after death. Abolish psychiatric slavery. Psychiatric slavery includes the insanity defense and civil commitment.

When a young man of Middle Eastern attempts to be a danger to be others in accordance with his personal religious beliefs, he is tried in the criminal justice system on terrorism charges. If a young Caucasian male attempts to be a danger to others in accordance with his personal religious beliefs, he is funneled into the psychiatric system. The insanity defense should be abolished. All young men (and women) should be treated equally.

It is good to read books by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. He passed on in 2012. However, his books might exist for all future time. Thomas Szasz wrote a book called Psychiatric Slavery. The subject of the book is psychiatric slavery, a term that he likely created. According to him, psychiatric slavery consists of the insanity defense and civil commitment. He has written about thirty-five books. They are probably all fairly good. One of his books, it seems, is in essence about why libertarians should support abolishing civil commitment and the insanity defense. That was entitled Faith in Freedom: Libertarian Principles and Psychiatric Practices.

Mental health is a ridiculous term. The mind cannot be sick. Civil liberties should be the point of the debate, not something fictitious like mental health. Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz has noted something like that methadone is like giving an alcoholic vodka instead of whisky. He also advocates for legalizing all drugs. Psychiatry dehumanizes human beings by treating them as objects that do not have the ability/capacity to make poor decisions. If that statement was not true, then the insanity defense would not exist. Psychiatry endangers personal responsibility.