Death Control Should Be Considered a Human Right

Exercising death control should be considered a right that all adult humans have. Currently humans are able to use or not use birth control. Humans should also be able to choose whether or not to use death control. That is, civil commitment should be abolished and humans should be allowed to cease living if they want to. Having the legal right to do so does not make the act right, however, at least having the right should be considered a fundamental human right.

This is all related to freedom and personal responsibility. Freedom is good. Personal responsibility is good. It would be good if more citizens of The United States embraced both freedom and personal responsibility. All humans should embrace liberty and personal responsibility. Suicide should be considered a human right. Civil commitment and the insanity defense should be outlawed.

It often seems like individuals in democracies over emphasize liberty and freedom and do not focus on or embrace personal responsibility as much as they should. Psychiatric slavery is morally wrong and it should be abolished. Psychiatric slavery will likely be abolished eventually, it seems. It is unjust to use force to stop someone from ending their own life.

Suicide should be allowed, but not encouraged, it seems. Psychiatric slavery is wrong. Psychiatric slavery includes the insanity defense and civil commitment. Psychiatric slavery should be abolished. It is good to read books by the late Dr. Thomas Szasz. All adults should read some of the books that Thomas Szasz wrote. His books are complex and have much depth.

There are many reasons why suicide should be permitted and not encouraged. Peaceful attempts that are non-forceful and not coercive should even be used to try and persuade individuals to not stop their own body from functioning. No humans should be forced or coerced into living. Read books by Dr. Thomas Szasz. Everyone who studies psychology should know who Dr. Thomas Szasz is and at least have a basic understanding of his thoughts and ideas. Death control should be a human right.