Judges gavel on a law book

Psychiatric Slavery Should Not Be Legal

Psychiatric slavery should be outlawed. Suicide should be considered a human right for adults. Civil commitment should be illegal. Suicide should be accepted as a human right for adults. Psychiatrists should not be allowed to effectively imprison individuals who have not broken laws. Psychiatric slavery is wrong. Civil commitment is wrong. Adults should not be forcibly stopped from engaging in suicide. Suicide should be respected as a civil right for adults.

Hopefully all humans on Earth will live long and healthy lives. More individuals should read the books that Thomas Szasz wrote. Psychiatric slavery should be outlawed. The insanity plea should be banned. The label of insanity is not and cannot be consistently or objectively applied. Kansas, Montana, Idaho and Utah have banned the use of the insanity defense. All states should ban the insanity defense. Insanity is simply not something that can be truly or objectively proven with any real certainty or reliability, it seems. Civil commitment should be outlawed. Psychiatric slavery is wrong and is tragic, it seems.

Suicides should not be effectively illegal for adults. Suicide is currently effectively illegal for adults. An adult who attempts suicide or claims that they are going to will often be locked up inside a hospital through the use of a psychiatric hold, and may be held longer through the use of civil commitment. This is effective imprisonment. That is why civil commitment and psychiatric holds should be banned and outlined.

Suicide is not desirable, of course. However, it should not be effectively illegal. On peaceful non-coercive persuasion should be used to try and stop adults from engaging in suicide. Coercion and force should not be used. It should be illegal to use coercion and force to stop suicides that are done privately.

Current laws related to civil commitment and psychiatric holds effectively imprison humans here on Earth. That is, humans are effectively not allowed to leave Earth, at least temporarily. Suicide should not be effectively illegal for adults. This is not meant to indicate that suicide is moral or desirable, but simply that it should be considered a personal choice. It should even be discouraged and done in private, if at all. Hopefully suicide will stop happening. However, it seems that that will likely only ever happen if peaceful non-coercive persuasion is used, and not coercion and force. Coercion and force are currently used in most modern societies in 2013, and that is not right. Psychiatric slavery should be outlawed.